Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat '08

We thought we had one more year to toy with before Ben became opinionated enough about wearing a costume, but we were wrong! We got him a Thomas the Train (actually James) costume from Target, and he wore it Friday at school for their Halloween Party, but that was it. Instead of a costume, he wore his Thomas sweatshirt and hat Friday evening. We used to pride ourselves on Ben not eating candy, but that all changed Friday night. It was hard to keep the cauldon out of his reach and accessible to the adults, so he dippped in a few times. Mostly taking out lollipops, unwrapping them, taking one good taste, then handing them off to the closest person to finish.
We pulled our firepit out into the driveway (that is a shoutout to you Lynne and Tripp!), and stayed warm when it got cooler. Our friends, the Mumpower's, came over with Ben's girlfriend, Emily, and helped celebrate. >
Menay, Ampie, and Uncle Taedo (Caleb) came over too. We met some great neighbors, and a few fellow Mountaineers!
The sugar shock was still present througout the rest of the weekend, but that was expected. Now if we could only get used to the time change...