Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Fun is Here!!

Every season I love to list out fun things to do as a family. I usually decorate our chalkboard wall with seasonally colorful checkboxes and to-dos. I've seen a few other creative ways of displaying the checklist, whether writing each item on a wooden clothespin and clip around the edge of a sand bucket or even using a plastic hanging shoe organizer and putting each fun idea in its own sleeve. As a working Mom, my creativity feels zapped after coming home from the office so I need to get "the list" out of my head and displayed somewhere as an easy reminder!

I've made my Top 20 List and want to share with you.
- Make ice cream
- Make a mural
- Make concrete stepping stones
- Write letters
- Make a slip'n'slide
- water balloon fight
- Camping
- Fishing
- Canoeing
- Find a waterfall
- Make exploding sidewalk chalk
- Make stenciled t-shirts (blog to follow)
- Tie-dye party
- Have a Lemonade Stand
- Movie party in the backyard (I think the whole 'hood needs to hear the entire Frozen soundtrack sung at the top of little lungs! Scratch that, I know the adults will sing too.)
- Trip to the Zoo
- Go to the lake
- S'mores Night
- Make a movie
- Write a song about our summer fun

We'll be sharing more with you this Summer, especially in the crafty Department.
Now go have FUN!

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